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So, you are interested in making a leaf or a hub connection to the euIRC Network?
Well in the end it's easy to do that but until you reach the end you have to prove yourself as able to connect to our network. Therefor we have some requirements which should possibly all be met by you, your server and your server location.


  • Your server has to be in the country you want to link in - you will not be linked if you e.g. have a *.nl shell on a *.uk server and want to link to *.nl
    We don't want servers from shell providers (Puretec, Server4Free, Plusserver).
  • You have to be the server administrator. (You should have hardware access.)
  • Your server should be able to handle up to 1024 connections (Leaf) or 5 server links (Hub); therefor it sould be AT LEAST a Pentium 233/64 MB RAM/4 GB HDD
  • Your server should run as a dedicated server - means no other servers running on the machine but euIRCd
  • You should have 10 MBit/s bandwidth minimum.
  • Your server must have an existing userbase or get an own userbase during trial. Servers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland must already have an existing userbase approximating 5% of the users of euIRC.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

You think you exactly match all this criteria? Well, then go on and fill in the form. :)

Application Formular

Your first and last name:

Your e-mail address:

New server
Update existing server info

All new servers that may be linked to the euIRC Network will be on a 30 day trial. At that time, the servers reliability, connectivity and the staff will be evaluated. During the 30 day trial, all staff members with exception of the admin will have local o-lines unless other approved by the links-list.

Section 1: Contact Information

1a. Server administrator's name:

1b. Server administrator's phone number:

1c. Server administrator's e-mail:

1d. Relationship to hardware and network:

If other, please specify:

1e. Site administrator's e-mail:

1f. Site administrator's phone number:

1g. Do you have permission from the site administrator to run IRCd on the proposed machine?
Yes     No

Section 2: Machine Information

2a. Provider's name:

2b. Location of the server:



2c. Proposed machine's name:

2d. Ports:

2e. Proposed machine's IP:

2f. Processor speed:

2g. RAM:

2h. Operating system:



2i. Please list all nameservers this machine will be using and the version of BIND they are using:

2j. Is this machine dedicated?
Yes     No

2k. What other processes than IRCd will be running on this machine (eg: smtp, telnet, sshd, httpd, finger ... )?

Section 3: Network Information

3a. Connection type:

3b. Bandwidth:

3c. Please explain, in detail, the connectivity this machine has (direct providers, multihomed, peering, etc...):

3d. Please explain how you intend on filtering ICMP unreachables and redirects:

Section 4: Staff

4a. Have you and your staff read the requirements and agreed to all terms?
Yes     No

4b. How much time do you (the admin) think you will be able to dedicate to euIRC Network on a weekly basis?

4c. Please give a detailed list of your operators:

Section 5: Pings/Traceroutes

Please submit pings/traceroutes for the following HUB servers. If the server can't be pinged, please ping the closest hop.

Sections 6: Comments

Is there anything in the application that was not covered and you would like to tell us though?

Please submit only ONCE!


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